About Me

I am me- an author, a dancer , an immigrant and someone who’s taking baby steps on the path to becoming an energy healer. I am also a wife and a mother of two. My family like all others is made up very different personalities. By ourselves each of us is flawed, imperfect. Yet when we are together we are complete. One person’s shortcoming is made up by another’s strength and since we all have our own varied passions we add a lot of color to the other’s life when we take the time to hear each other out. Add to the family mix an octogenarian father and a playful puppy and what you get is a richly entertaining and truly chaotic home.

My blog is a medium through which I hope to teach kids what truly matters and also reflect my musings on what makes us happy. Since I grew up in Mumbai, India my writing carries the flavor of my homeland. The seasoning I hope will tickle your heartstrings just as the spices from a curry do to your taste buds. IMG_2097 (1)


2 responses to “About Me

  1. barbara f horstmann

    Vidya, I think I gave you an incomplete email address for me. Barbara


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